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 Love the problems and puzzles that Mokusei is trying to solve? ... Wish to join The Mokusei Tribe? 


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Mokusei believes in people and the strength of their heart/ethics/values/motivations more than in their resume/credentials/tags. We strongly believe that good people can don multiple hats comfortably in the right environment under the right leadership with the right support or backing. What many of us forget while passing through life is that "one works to live and not lives to work" .. ... 'The World is a School... remember? ...

We would love to hear back from everyone! - and ESPECIALLY from those who are in love with the problem more than they are with a specific solution! .. preference in employment/work opportunities will be given to applicants who are also BETA Testers with Mokusei in cases where there is a tie between two profiles.

If your primary goal and motivation for work is MONEY and good compensation WITHOUT being answerable or accountable to the team ------ then please click here and check out the "Partners Page". This is the easiest way one can benefit themselves and make money without really being bound to any kind of accountability and ownership of Project goals.


However, if and in case, your sheer motivation and purpose are to learn something new, to grow, to evolve, to find yourself & seek out the beautiful music hidden inside of you, to gain experience and make good of your skills for your career or life trajectory, to meet & bond with other like-minded souls who have fatefully landed on these shores, to find out the truth about yourself and to know who you really are --- then please continue reading. You might just end up liking what you come across.


... How does one apply to Mokusei? -- Simple! ...

Just reach out to Mokusei .. email your interest and CV/Resume/link_to_LinkedIn_profile to mokusei@vallued.ai with the subject "Working with Mokusei" -- and please do the things or follow the procedure as mentioned below.


Should you be sending in a cover letter? -- Well, would be great if you do .. IF at all you do send a Cover Letter then answer these SEVEN questions --- (2 to 4 line answers for each question will suffice if you can keep it crisp and concise)

a) What part about Mokusei attracted & captivated you the most - and WHY do you wish to be a part of the Mokusei Tribe? 

b) What do you think you will learn and gain from the role that you have applied for?

c) What type of engagement or role do you seek with Mokusei? 

Whether an internship, part time role, full time role, freelance assignment, contract work, or active consulting arrangement?

d) What are the first or top THREE decisions you will, or you intend to, take when you join the Mokusei Tribe and start with your role?

.Also, do mention the TOP 3 biggest challenges you faced in your life so far -- we will discuss that with you on call to understand your mindset even better.

e) Have you visited and explored the "Subscribe" Page yourself as yet before applying to work with Mokusei? 

If YES, why have you not filled up the 'Fund Seekers' Form yourself? (if you haven't as yet) --- --- If NOT, why did you not visit the "Subscribe" Page as yet?

f) Are you interested in "vallued.ai" ONLY or did any other upcoming projects also catch your attention? 

If yes, which projects appealed to your interest and why?

g) Click here to visit the "CULTURE" Page -- Go Through Points 8 and 9 to be Specific. And let Mokusei know in the Cover Letter or Cover Video your preferred Compensation Arrangement & Option.

Don't worry. This will not be considered as your final answer. We just want to see what you choose and opt for based on all the info given and provided on the "Culture" PageFor Example -- Engage 2, Comp (b) 


[In case you reach out WITHOUT a cover letter or cover video, though -- do write to us any 3-5 things you really liked and enjoyed about this website/Mokusei/vallued.ai and WHY did you like them .. also, please do let us know at least 2 things that you would do differently were you in charge and WHY would you do them that way]

We recommend that you do send across a cover letter because we anyway make all applicants answer the questions above in writing at a later stage just as a thought clarity exercise. So why delay and push something that is going to happen, and is inevitable, anyway? If you feel lazy or tired or bored to send across a Cover Letter, then record a short Cover Video of yourself answering the SEVEN questions asked above. Should do the trick in our opinion. 


[At Mokusei, we don’t just accept difference & diversity — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our team, our service & products, and the community, in fact. Mokusei Intelligence is proud to be an equal opportunity tribe and is an affirmative action work-group. We do not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, identity, service background, political opinions & affiliation as long as it does not negatively impact and affect the work/tasks assigned to the team-mate. Promotions, assigned responsibilities & leadership roles, work-opportunities & experience are strictly based on merit, objective benchmarks, and performance]

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