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Entries to Mokusei's First $1000 Press Challenge should be submitted to mokusei@vallued.ai before 31 May 2021

Everybody -- .including School students, kids, and minors. -- is eligible to participate in this Challenge

Have difficulty in understanding or comprehending English? -- Use Google Translate .. Mobile App available on Appstore and Playstore

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__ The Press Challenge __

The Press Challenge Explainer Section.

The '$1000 Press Challenge' -- Basic Overview & Introduction.

Are you an artist, media creator, or writer who loves to express and communicate ideas to people? .. Do you love narration, communication, and storytelling? .. Do you love explaining things to people in a simple but engaging, interactive, creative manner - either written, audio, video, or audio-visual format? .. Do you know anybody who loves to simplify things for people and audiences -- and who has developed an artistic bent of mind? .. Do you love connecting, collaborating, and communicating with people - especially other artists or 'communication experts and engineers' just like you? . If the answer to any of those questions is YES then Mokusei is looking for you and trying to reach out to you!
To seek out some of the best untapped, unnoticed, undiscovered, raw talent and communicators out there for our upcoming and future projects, Mokusei is announcing its FIRST ever '$1,000 Press Challenge'
This challenge is open to absolutely any individual who is creative, artistic, or articulate -- including Bloggers, Audio & Video Podcast Hosts, & Media Persons -- from all over the world. Mokusei seeks the creative, quirky storytellers, video makers, visual artists, graphics designers, design thinkers, & interaction wizards hidden among the masses.
Language is no barrier for Mokusei just as Geography is not. Applicants can make and submit their art, work, or creation in any language of their choice -- targeted towards & tailored for whatever audience they think is fit and would get interested in what vallued.ai and Mokusei have to offer. All that they need to make clear to their non-English audience is the fact that they need to be able to read and understand English to better and fully comprehend the vallued.ai website -- or they can also use translating tools like Google Translate if they aren't doing it already.
. Mokusei is in search of good communication experts, visual artists, video and multimedia content makers, & storytellers to get its vision articulated and mission translated for all the amazing humans and the people of the world out there. Mokusei wants to get its message across to souls who are aligned with Mokusei's values, ethics, and dreams in spirit and mindset - but just don't know about it yet - probably because they haven't even heard about Mokusei and vallued.ai. . The purpose of this '$1,000 Press Challenge' is to gather work samples from creative brains and beings to find the right candidates who can join the Mokusei Tribe and create good art, content, media for us so that we can tell more about us to the world in as many easy manners and ways as possible. The Contender who aces this challenge will receive a compensation of $1,000 for the work or entry submitted --- and Mokusei will be glad to sign a long-term contract or offer them a consultant role for some of Mokusei's upcoming projects. . ____________________ .

So what are Contenders expected to do exactly? .. What should the entries be about?

Candidates must first explore the www.vallued.ai website thoroughly -- ESPECAILLY the "About", "How it Works", "Subscribe", "Funds and Revenue" and the "Partners" Page -- to study & understand what are vallued.ai & Mokusei exactly about. All relevant information is available on the website. Candidates need to read content on each page properly so they understand the idea/concept behind vallued.ai & Mokusei Intelligence. . The entry could even be something as simple as redoing, redesigning, and submitting a different or revised version (made in a different language or format, perhaps?) of content and material that Mokusei already has with it. . Contenders MUST send an EMAIL to mokusei@vallued.ai with the subject line -- 'Contender Interested in the $1000 Press Challenge' -- BEFORE 15 May 2021 to indicate their interest in the Challenge so Mokusei knows that we can look forward to your entry and hold a place for you. . Entries can be submited any time until 31 May, 2021, after the interest email has been sent as mentioned above. Even if you change your mind later and decide NOT TO SUBMIT an entry -- no harm done and no problem at all. [You are free to pull out at any time you want to - and feel like] . . ____________________ . . Candidates can then choose to write their piece, or make their art & creation based on absolutely any part and aspect of the information & content that they understand and like. Entries can be as short as 30 seconds video clips or as long as properly researched articles, posts, or news stories which articulate and explain the idea/concept of vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence to the audience in a simple but creative, engaging, and interactive manner. . Applicants are free to decide whether they want to submit entries that explain and articulate only certain specific aspects of the vallued.ai model. Applicants are free to submit entries that cover and explain as much info as possible, or as many features of vallued.ai as possible that they understand and like. In short, the freedom of what to cover, and how much to cover, is entirely up to the applicant or contender. . If applicants are interested but need guidance or direction in terms of what aspects to focus on for their creation, they can reach out to ashish@vallued.ai or +919890536269 -- we will guide you or give you 2-3 options that you could choose to focus on if you like. . Applicants must then publish their work or creation about vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence via their subsequent social media accounts on platforms or websites of their choice. The work or creation by applicants must be based on whatever relevant information they glean and understand from the website. Applicants may reach out to the Mokusei Founder for getting addressed any queries or doubts or questions that they might have which can help them create their submission or entry piece. . Applicants must strictly work with whatever information they will be or can be provided, however. All final interviews and transcripts, however, must be shared with Mokusei at least 6 hours before the publication timeline.
. . ____________________

Some basic Ground Rules and Pointers for Contenders.

The '$500 Press Challenge' entries can be submitted on or before 31 May 2021. Interested applicants can visit www.vallued.ai to explore the website, and then publish their work online. After the work is published, applicants must submit a link to mokusei@vallued.ai within 24 hours of publication for evaluation.
Contenders interested in taking up this challenge are encouraged and welcomed to share links to their public social media profiles with Mokusei in an email .. emails should be sent to mokusei@vallued.ai with the subject line 'Contender for the $1000 Press Challenge' .. Contenders sending this advanced email interest MUST FOLLOW Mokusei and vallued.ai social media profiles within 12 hours of sending the email, and continue as a 'follower' for the entire duration of this 'Press Challenge' until 31 May 2021.
Mokusei will not only follow you back for the entire duration of this challenge but also tag you in relevant posts, or leave comments on your posts informing you of the latest news and developments at Mokusei .. This way you can stay updated -- and make even better art or even more relevant written blogs and articles .. And when other people or communication artists take note of Mokusei accounts, they will automatically start noticing your stories, or creations and art form, or articles and posts and blogs.
Contenders who share links to their social media profiles with Mokusei in advance will get news of any updates or latest developments at least 6 hours in advance before anybody else - including the press or media - gets the information or updates. These candidates will also be given priority consideration for the evaluation of entries and submission.
. All evaluation and award decisions will be taken on 5 June 2021. User or Reader engagement metrics until 31 May 2021 will be considered for evaluation purposes. So the earlier the piece gets published the more the user or reader engagement - and the higher or better the chances of the author or creator of acing the Challenge. . Apart from the TOP $1000 Award, the next 5 best creations will be awarded $200 each. . . ____________________ . . Some of the BEST articles, news stories, feature stories, opinion pieces, audio or video creations, or reports about vallued.ai and Mokusei will get highlighted and showcased on the vallued.ai website. The piece or work or entry submitted by the author or creator can be in text form, video form, or audio form -- essentially in any form or format that the applicant is comfortable with.
Hence, Mokusei strongly recommends and advises all applicants to mention or showcase their own name and contact information in the entries they submit in some form or another. This way, even if the entry or submission of an applicant does not win the challenge, the work, art, and effort of the applicant will get showcased & promoted to a wider audience through vallued.ai and Mokusei, at least.
Contenders can make and submit their art, work, or creation in any language of their choice -- targeted to whatever audience they think is fit and interested in what vallued.ai and Mokusei have to offer. This system will allow Mokusei to better understand the mindset and psychology of the applicant, and it will also bring in a lot more diversity and inclusion in the life and times of Mokusei Intelligence. It will give us a glimpse into the artistic, creative, and comprehension abilities of the candidate or applicant.
There is no cap or upper limit on the number of entries an applicant can submit. Contenders may choose to submit more than one entry if they so wish.
Contenders can submit entries as individuals or as a Team. Each applicant can be a part of a maximum of 5 Teams at any given point in time. In case the application is submitted as a Team entry, the award will be divided between the Team members equally.
. . ____________________ .

Evaluation Criteria, Submission Guidelines and General Directions.

Submissions or Entries will be judged & evaluated based on the following criteria: . . (i) Number of features or points about vallued.ai that the author or creator actually gets right and captures accurately - (20%) . (ii) How thoroghly did the author or creator explore the vallued.ai website to try and understand the vallued.ai/Mokusei model, and whether the author/creator actually reached out to Mokusei for getting questions, queries, or doubts cleared if any - (20%) . (iii) What aspects of vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence get observed, noticed, captured to be articulated, or reported in the creation - (10%) . (iv) The number of times the article, creation, or workpiece gets shared by the audience and followers of the author or creator - (25%) . (v) The number of readers or viewers who interact with the article, creation, or workpiece in terms of likes or some other tangible user metrics - (10%) . (vi) How engaging, creative, and interactive is the submission or entry. We will be posting your entry and creation on our Social Media Profiles and see how many individuals actually engage and/or interact with it. - (5%) . . ____________________ . . Please Note - Participating in the '$1000 Press Challenge' does NOT automatically, or by default, disqualify any applicant from becoming a Mokusei BETA Tester. Contenders are free to indicate their interest in receiving funding support before 31 May 2021 by filling the 'Fund Seekers' form on the Subscribe Page
To access the 'Subscribe' Page and 'Funds-and-Revenue' Page of the website, visitors need to enter their email to verify identity and access these pages.
. ____________________ .

The "Press Challenge Process" in 5 Steps.

a) Step 1 - Interested Contenders or Applicants explore the www.vallued.ai website -- ESPECAILLY the "About", "How it Works", "Subscribe", "Funds and Revenue" and the "Partners" Page​​​​​​​ -- and send an email to mokusei@vallued.ai to indicate their interest in the challenge as mentioned above. Contenders can choose to send a WhatsApp text to +919890536269 to indicate interest in the challenge if they prefer WhatsApp over email. . . ____________________


b) Step 2 - Create a workpiece or creation - either in text form, video form, audio form, or audio-video form - which explains & articulates what vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence are about in an easy-to-understand yet creative, engaging, and interactive manner - and as per their own personal understanding based on the information they get from the website and on the internet.
Applicants are advised to mention their name and contact info in the workpiece or creation if they wish to so people get to find out who the true artist behind the creation really is.
. Applicants can choose to focus on any aspect of vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence that they understand and like. Mokusei won't tell you what you should be focusing on or covering since this is a test to gauge your depth, mindset, and comprehension skills. . If applicants need guidance or direction in terms of what aspects to focus on for their creation, they can reach out to ashish@vallued.ai or +919890536269 -- we will guide you or give you 2-3 options that you could choose to focus on if you like .. [but, of course, some points will get docked off during evaluation if this guidance or help is sought - if you think it is worth the risk or time saved, please feel free to reach out]
This creation need not be in English - and can be in any language of their choosing .. whatever they think is comfortable and easy to understand for their audience of choice.
. . ____________________


. c) Step 3 - Applicants publish their entry online on social media platforms of their choice -- they share it with their network and audience. Hashtags to be added - #mokuseiintelligence #valluedai #theworldisaschool #aivallued #mokusei #vallued . . ____________________

. . d) Step 4 - They submit a link to the published work via email to mokusei@vallued.ai .. Subject line - 'Entry for $1000 Press Challenge' .. Links must be submitted within 24 hours of publication .. Last date to submit entries is 31 May 2021. . ____________________ . . e) Step 5 - They wait for evaluation and results to be announced on 5 June 2021. . . ____________________

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