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Become a BETA Tester with Mokusei Get Money for Education or Travel from the vallued.ai app Platform!




Who can register to become a Mokusei BETA Tester?

Literally, any adult human being who seeks funding aid for their upcoming education, or who seeks to get a reimbursement of fees paid for ongoing or past education, or who wants funding to go traveling & backpacking is eligible to become a BETA Tester as long as they think they have the basic knowledge & skills needed to take and clear the BETA Test.


Age no bar .. Race no bar .. Nationality no bar .. Gender no bar .. Religion no bar .. Qualifications no bar

Anybody and Everybody who wants to try it out -- who thinks they can take a shot at it -- is most welcome!

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Stay notified and updated about the vallued.ai app scheduled to launch in May 2021 for Mokusei's BETA Test to be conducted on the vallued.ai app in August 2021. As a part of Mokusei's Early Bird Reward Program - all visitors or "Fund Seekers" interested in receiving funding support or reimbursement of their education fees, and who fill out the BETA TESTER SUBSCRIPTION FORM below before 31 May 2021 to get special privileges. Normally Mokusei disburses funding only for the purposes of supporting Education. But Early Birds can choose to use the funding they get for traveling & globetrotting if they wish to.

Initially, the BETA Test was open to adults only. But there has been a policy change at Mokusei. After taking into consideration special requests from some parents & kids, the BETA Test is now OPEN to ALL individuals - including children and teenagers below the age of 18 years.

Since this is Mokusei's first year of inception and operations -- anybody and everybody is welcome, and is free, to sign up and register as a BETA Tester. Going down the line in subsequent years, this list will become slightly exclusive and the window of opportunity is set to become narrow or specific. Mokusei will have INVITATION ONLY BETA Testers -- that is, interested individuals will be able to join as BETA Testers ONLY if invited by other BETA Testers to do so.    

Please Note -- Special Benefits to 'Teach For All' Network Partner Fellows & Alumni DO NOT mean or indicate that vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence are endorsed, backed, representatives of, represented by, or supported by 'Teach For All' 

The Mokusei Intelligence Founder is himself a 'Teach For All' Network Partner Fellow Alumni and the special benefits offered to other 'Teach For All' Network Partner Fellows and Alumni by Mokusei are a mark of respect, appreciation, gratitude, support, and solidarity for 'Teach For All' and all the 'Teach For All' Network Partner Fellows and Alumni.

Fill up the 'BETA Tester Subscription' Form a.k.a. 'Fund Seekers' Form
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(This data is for research purposes only. You may input a revised figure on the app later)
I seek ...
Funds will be used to cover
I understand that funding/reimbursement will be provided only if I register and appear for the BETA Test. I understand that the amount of this funding/reimbursement is dependent on my score and rank in the BETA Test. I am interested in registering and appearing for the BETA Test depending on the Applicable Test Registration Fee, Test Syllabus, Difficulty level of the Test, etc.
Mokusei Intelligence needs - and is actively seeking out - applicants who will take Mokusei's BETA Test on vallued.ai app. In return, Mokusei is offering up to 100% funding support or up teducation funding to users/applicants based on their performance in the test. How likely are you to refer vallued.ai to your friends or to somebody you know who needs/wants funding to cover their education costs.
Last but not the least .. The Crazy 29! .. Choose ALL Pizza Toppings Applicable to you.


Looks like you are a soul who is as curious and inquisitive about life, the universe and everything just as much as we are. Mokusei appreciates the fact that you want to stay in the loop.

We absolutely love the fact that you wish to get to know us even better - and want to stay updated about the development of Mokusei's flagship app - vallued.ai

Thank you for sharing your contact details with us so we can reach out to you and keep you updated on the launch of vallued.ai. 

Want to reach out to us for more? - Contact Us here. 

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