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Become a BETA Tester with Mokusei Get Money for Education, Entrepreneurship, or Travel from the vallued.ai app!




Who can register to become a BETA Tester?

Literally, any human being who wants money for upcoming education, or who wants reimbursement of fees paid for ongoing or  past education, is eligible to become a BETA Tester.

Individuals who want funding for entrepreneurship or traveling are also welcome to become BETA Testers.

As long as you think you have the basic knowledge & skills needed to take and clear the BETA Test, we encourage you to try your luck and give it a shot.


Age no bar .. Race no bar .. Nationality no bar .. Gender no bar .. Religion no bar .. Qualifications no bar

Anybody and Everybody who wants to try it out is most welcome!

Fill up the 'BETA Tester Subscription' Form a.k.a. 'Fund Seekers' Form
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(This data is for research purposes only. You may input a revised figure on the app later)
I seek funding for ...
Funds will be used to cover
I understand that funding/reimbursement will be provided only if I register and appear for the BETA Test. I understand that the amount of this funding/reimbursement is UP TO 100% - which means it is NOT A GUARANTEED 100% but 100% is the MAXIMUM that one can get. The funding I can get dependent on my score and rank in the BETA Test.
Mokusei Intelligence is actively seeking out applicants who will take Mokusei's BETA Test on vallued.ai app. In return, Mokusei is offering up to 100% funding support or up teducation funding to users/applicants based on their performance in the test. How likely are you to refer vallued.ai to your friends or to somebody you know who needs/wants funding to cover their education costs?
Last but not the least .. The Super 11 .. Choose ALL Pizza Toppings Applicable to you.

Thank you for filling up the form and indicating interest in becoming a BETA Tester!

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Looks like you are a soul who is as curious and inquisitive about life, the universe and everything just as much as we are. Mokusei appreciates the fact that you want to stay in the loop.

We absolutely love the fact that you wish to get to know us even better - and want to stay updated about the development of Mokusei's flagship app - vallued.ai

Thank you for sharing your contact details with us so we can reach out to you and keep you updated on the launch of vallued.ai. 

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