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.Mokusei Intelligence is looking for good Partners & Collaborators who can help Mokusei build a network of reliable and dependable BETA Testers to join the Mokusei Tribe and help with testing.

.Partners or Collaborators can either be individuals or legally established organizations & entities from absolutely any Region, Continent, Nation, Geography, or Country on this planet. Everyone is welcome. Mokusei has room for ALL.

The Advantages & Benefits that Partners or Collaborators can gain have been listed below on this Page.


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Important & Key Information for Partners or Collaborators

1) Who can register to become a Mokusei BETA Tester?​

Literally, any adult human beings who seek funding aid for their upcoming education, or who seek to get reimbursement of fees they paid for ongoing or past education, or who want money for traveling & backpacking can become a BETA Tester. . _____________ _______ . Currently, the BETA Test is open to any adult from any part of the world. Individuals, organizations, or entities working with students, youth, recent graduates, young professionals, senior citizens - thus, anyone working with LITERALLY ANYBODY ABOVE THE AGE OF 18 -- are an absolute great fit to become Mokusei Partners. . Age no bar .. Race no bar .. Religion no bar .. Gender no bar .. Nationality no bar .. Educational Qualifications no bar! . _____________ _______ . Partners can refer to their subscribers, followers, or users and redirect them to or tell them about Mokusei can arrange any one of the following options for these Partner-referred-BETA-Testers - or direct benefits for the Partners themselves. This arrangement is particularly beneficial if you are a Travel or EdTech or Education related Company/Org, an Educator or Teacher, an Education Institution like schools or colleges or universities or coaching centers. . ____________________ .

3) What Advantages & Benefits can Partners, or "Partner referred BETA Testers", get?

a) Mokusei can Lower BETA Test Registration Fees for Partner referred Testers or share relevant revenues/profits with referring partner. [beneficial for Mokusei as well because the referring source is reliable] . b) Lower the Funding Eligibility Qualifying score threshold for Partner referred Testers making it relatively easier for them to be eligible for funding. Basic details on Qualifying Scores can be found on the "About" Page when visitors click "CLICK FOR INFO ON 'BETA' Test" button. . c) Showcase Partner or Collaborator Products/Service to other Mokusei BETA Testers who are NOT in the Partner databse already. This arrangement will not only broaden and widen the reach of Partners but also benefit them immensely if Mokusei BETA Testers take take an interest and/or liking to it. For example - Send emails or reviews to Mokusei BETA Testers (who are NOT in your database already) telling them about Partner Products/Sevices. . d) Work on a joint project or joint pilot programs where our skill sets are complementary, vision & goal aligned, or wherever there is common cause. Mokusei will be more than happy to share costs and benefits that arise out of such joint ops or pilots. . e) Normally Mokusei allows funds disbursed to be used for Education ONLY (or for Travel as per the "Early Bird Reward Program") In this case, Mokusei will allow referred BETA Testers to use funds for purposes other than education as pre-decided by the partner and approved by Mokusei. . ____________________ . How well do Partners leverage these arrangements from Mokusei to their advantage is entirely up to them. Mokusei will gladly extend as much support as possible to Partners. . It is entirely dependent on the creativity, strategic thinking, risk-taking & decision-making abilities, organizational priorities, and so on of the Partners. If you'd like to opt for more than one option or benefits from the ones stated above, feel free to let us know and we can work it out. . In case, as a potential Partner or Collaborator, if something else comes to your mind however 'Outlandish and Wild' it might seem to be -- or you get more interesting ideas and see even better approaches -- please feel free to connect with Mokusei and share your proposals or thoughts. . ____________________ . 'Outlandish and Wild' ideas are always welcomed at Mokusei. . Every path breaking innovation and experiment in history always started as an 'outlandish and wild' thought in somebody's head first, let us never forget. . ____________________

6) Why are kids and minors NOT eligible to become Mokusei BETA Testers right now? .. Will this rule change anytime soon or in the near future? ​

a) Mokusei plans to collect critical exam behavior data from the pilot -- including audio, video, location data. Kids & minors might find it difficult to understand the full impact, effects, or ramifications of their actions. Besides, kids and minors are not eligible by law to give their full consent for data collection without the accompanying consent of parents or guardians. . b) Also, the basic syllabus for the BETA Test has NOT been designed keeping kids in mind and they might find it difficult to clear the qualification benchmark and scores. Currently, Mokusei is focusing only on the FIRST Pilot Experiment set to happen in August 2021. Depending on the success of the pilot, Mokusei will extend and open up the BETA Test to kids and minors as well going forward. . c) That said, Mokusei is also actively considering the option of allowing kids & minors for the FIRST round of BETA Test itself because the Company has received such requests and interests from some kids and their parents. . Thus, kids and minors may feel FREE to fill up the 'BETA Tester Subscription' or 'Fund Seeker' Form to indicate their interest in the BETA Test. If there is good interest - Mokusei will make arrangements for Kids and minors to be able to become BETA Testers. . In this case, Mokusei will probably just lower the Qualifying Threshold and Scores for Kids & Minors giving them a level playing field to compete with Adults. . ______________________________

8) But will kids even understand the idea behind and Mokusei even as some adults themselves struggle with it?

Well, I personally tried out the exercise with some kids in my immediate network and family. Shared the '$1000 Press Challenge' Page with them - asked them to explain to me what it was all about. More than 55% of the "younglings" I interacted with comprehended what was going on right in the first attempt. They not only comprehended but could relate and identify with cheating in online classes and assessments/exams that was happening around -- including their own personal experiences of it. My 13 years old and 10 years old nephews got the hang of it. So did my 7 years old niece - albeit with a little help and translation from my end, and from Google Translate. . Some of these kids have started offering regular feedback, suggestions, and reviews in fact. So entirely your decision whether you want to try out such experiments and tests or not. It all boils down to how good an interpreter, educator, or translator you are for the kids, I guess. . Besides, most adults are foolish, arrogant, and snobbish to underestimate the comprehension and knowledge absoprtion capabilities of children and teens. In most cases, the younglings are far more adept at grasping concepts than adults can ever be, in fact. Their curiosity, inquisitiveness, exploration mindest speaks for itself and guides their inner motivation. So it would actually be incorrect to think that children & teens might not really be able to understand what is going on. Let us give them their due credit. . ____________________

7) So HOW exactly can kids & minors get involved with and Mokusei directly at this stage at a bare minimum?

Kids and minors can participate in Mokusei's '$500 Press Challenge' and take a shot at showcasing their art, winning a CASH reward, and achieving fame in the process. As facilitators or educators who work with kids - you can let them know about the '$500 Press Challenge'. So it really depends on you as to how much are you actually willing to do for your kids - and whether or not you share this opportunity with them if they do not know about it already. . ______________________________

5) If I or my organization work for, and with, kids rather than adult humans, am I (or my organization) fit to be a good partner for Mokusei?​

Very simple! - if you work with kids, you are obviously and most likely connected to their parents. Even if kids & minors might not be eligible for the BETA Test right now - their parents, adult siblings, and elders in the family are definitely eligible for the BETA Test. . You, or your organization, can think of arrangements that benefit the adults in the family of the kids you work for (or with). When the adults around the kids benefit in a positive way, the trickle-down effect and impact will definitely help the younglings in the long run. . Mokusei will support you and help you in whatever way possible to help your kids and to leverage the partnership for maximum possible benefit to the "younglings". . ______________________________

9) How is Mokusei even generating revenue? - How does it plan to fund all its activities?

Right now the Company and project (including tech development) are completely and entirely Bootstrapped. I have put in my own personal savings and funds into it. Currently Mokusei has a comfortable runway of another 6 months, at least. And we are bootstrapped not because there was no one out there to fund us. On the contrary, we did get some initial interest even before the Company was incorporated when the word got out about development of The was a mismatch and misalignment of goals between Mokusei and the funders so that entire exercise was put on hold and focus was shofted to some other strategies. . Mokusei wants to retain control over its own direction and fate. Right now our preference is to raise funding via 'Crowdsourcing' or 'Crowdfunding' so we don't have to depend on VCs, Investors, Banks, HNI Funders, etc -- and this way we can freely operate people-loving policies and practices where we generate 'vallue' for partners just as much as we do for ourselves without any problems or hiccups -- and most importantly, without prioritizing profits and riches and wealth over core, soul, goal, values, ethics. .. more on Mokusei's (or mine, actually) take on financial thoughts & policies can be found in the "Essential Info and Note" that we have put up for the benefit and convenience of VCs, Funders, Banks, Investors, etc on the 'Investors and Funders' Page. .
[I am actually very happy, content, and okay with a simple living & lifestyle -- where revenues and profits get shared with all -- especially with the ones who really need and deserve them .. .. this approach to finance gives one far more freedom for creating longterm deep impact if money, wealth, riches are not their personal goal, mindset, and vision .. .. money and funds are just a tool, remember -- never the end goal .. .. we live only once - and none of us are going to carry gold, riches, wealth with us when we die .. .. ashes to ashes - dust to dust .. .. I cannot speak for anybody else but myself and I'd rather live life trying to bring change and impact as opposed to spending it all alone in a palace full of vanity and empty fame] .. .. Don't get it wrong .. .. I am no saint or savior .. .. [In fact, the history of failed attempts and experiments in my life is a testament to how crazy, stupid & foolish i can really be] .. .. It is just that my mind loves to experiment and try out ideas as they come along .. .. and if they benefit others in the process - especially kids - even better! . Of course, does not mean Mokusei does not understand the value of funds and minimum necessary self-sustainability for growth, evolution, and smooth operations -- that is exactly why we are a 'for-profit' entity with a theoretically sound revenue generation model in place, in fact.​ Whether or not it serves well in practicality standing the test of time is yet to unfold and be seen. Time will tell. . That said, we definitely appreciate and understand that there are some amazing human beings and minds out there who might be funders, finaciers, VCs, Angels, an so on -- for whom profit & wealth is not the real drive and motive but impact & change is. . In case you know of anybody like that and you feel like recommending Mokusei to them -- please do refer them to the "Investors-and-Funders" Page so they can check out some basic information that can help them understand Mokusei philosophy better. . And please do reach out to me - or +919890536269 - and do let us know in case you have referred us to some funder, and/or who do you think can become a great funder, supporter, backer, or patron of the Mokusei Tribe. We would definitely like to appraciate your thoughts and sincereity. Mokusei will always thank you for your generosity and open heart and we will do our best to help you out in whatever way we can if at all you ever need help and support in your life or endeavors. . ______________________________

2) Which individuals, and what organizations, are particularly welcome to partner and collaborate with Mokusei?

To answer this question in short -- LITERALLY any individual or organisation with good networks with adults (especially students) and which works with ADULTS at any level whatsoever. . For individuals, entities, and organizations ("for profit", "not for profit", and "non profits") working in the Education sector, EdTech sector, Travel & Tourism sector -- and for Teachers, Student Leaders, Student Representatives, Students with widespread connections and networks with other students, Educators, Education Institutes, Organisations working with Youth empowerment or employment, and so on -- Mokusei and vallued,ai are a DIRECT FIT.
In addition, Companies or Orgs dabbling in Education Loans & Financing - Travel & Tourism Financing - Media houses - PR agencies - Software and App Development Companies - Legal Aid Organisations - Political Reporting Websites or Publications - Science & Tech Startups can also become good partners. Since Mokusei wants good BETA Testers, and if you can figure out how to get good BETA Testers for Mokusei in an arrangement that benefits you as well -- you are a good partner. . _____________________ . Basically, if you are reading these words but are unable to figure out whether you are a good partner or not -- and want to know if you are -- just reach out to Moksei and we can figure it out. . If you think somebody -- or some organisation -- can benefit from partnering and collaborating with Mokusei , please feel free to share the page URL with them or refer this website to them. Mokusei will be more than happy to help out your freind, contact, or referral if you think they can benefit from a partnership. You can also share their contact details with us if you'd prefer and like. Mokusei will reach out to them directly.

4) If I do not want to become a Partner right now but I work with Students and Individuals who can benefit from -- what can I do for their benefit?

a) You can directly share the website and URL with your Students or the Individuals who you think can benefit from You may also redirect them to the SUBSCRIBE Page directly if that helps them.
______________________ .
b) You may also share with them some other opportunities that we have: . (i) The Press Challenge --- details on "The Press Challenge" Page . (ii) Operation Integrity --- details on "Operation Integrity" Page . [These opportunities are especially useful and beneficial for students and creative artists] . ______________________

10) Want to Sell your Service or Product to Mokusei? -- Take The "Vendor & Service Provider Test"

. The simple short easy effective "Vendor & Service Provider Test" . The purpose of this Test is to gauge whether the Vendors, Service providers, can think out of the box or not .. whether they are creative in their thinking and approach or not .. how do they tackle situations where they are stuck and need creativity or resourcefulness to move forward .. whether they can operate with as little and as minimum budgets as possible or not .. how deep and far can their ideas and imagination go .. whether they have read through important pages and content of the website or not .. how careful and well researched they are in their approach .. whether they have REALLY understood and Mokusei or not .. and if they did not understand, what is it that they do to really understand what they do not understand. . This test is rather simple .. any 'Vendor' or 'Service Provider' who approaches Mokusei needs to explore the website (our recommended and quickest directions of doing so have been put up right on the landing page, in fact) .. once they have explored the site and done everything they can (including proactively reaching out to the Mokusei Team) to find out understand what Mokusei does, they need to do the following things mentioned below and send your answers to +919890536269, or - . . a) Recommend 3 to 5 engaging terms, ideas, or proposals for Mokusei where NEITHER PARTY - neither you nor Mokusei - HAS TO PAY A SINGLE DIME TO EACH OTHER BUT BOTH PARTIES END IN A WIN - WIN SCENARIO... [This is referred to as the business or relationship of "Barter"] . b) If you really understand what is for, and like what Mokusei is trying to do, have you yourself filled up the 'Fund Seekers' Form on the 'Subscribe Page' as yet? .. If yes, WHY? .. If NO, why not? . c) If you really understand what is for, and know that people get up to 100% Funding for their Education or Travel from Mokusei, have you referred or recommended the website to any of your friends or family yet? .. If yes, WHY? .. If NO, why not? . . These THREE short answers from the 'Vendors' or 'Service Providers' are generally enough for Mokusei to be able to decide whether to hire or engage with these vendors or service providers . . Of course, does not mean Mokusei is stingy and will not pay for vendor services -- or is not open to the idea of accepting funds from investors. It just means that Mokusei needs to know how some people think rather than what they think. We obviously do know and understand that there are operational costs and other expenses attached to services. So payment for services or products is not an issue for Mokusei whenever and wherever it is necessary. We are just trying to find associates who we can work with, and gel with, comfortably. . ______________________________ . . Mokusei prefers to work with 'Vendors or Service Providers' who find their spirits and mindsets in alignment with Mokusei's Cultural Values and Way of Life. Working together is like a 'Relationship' for Mokusei even if short - and everybody would like it sincere & sweet. If any Vendor or Service Provider does not really understand what Mokusei does in general -- chances of them providing good service or carrying out quality assignments for Mokusei are generally low -- especially if their main motivation and goal is money rather than the desire to work with Mokusei BECAUSE THEY LIKE AND SEE VALUE in what Mokusei is trying to do. . To be honest, it is not as if we ourselves - me, at least, for sure - understands everything about everyone and successfully interpret everybody's communication. So it is DEFINITELY not a problem if somebody DOES NOT understand what and Mokusei are about even after going through the website. That is why, in fact, we have share emails and contact info on the website so people can freely reach out to us if they want to. The thing we wish to see is honesty and genuineness of the Vendors, Service Providers, or Investors - their openness and vulnerability. If someone doesn't understand something then simply accept it, say it out loud. Some souls, though, want to appear intelligent and smart - and thus try to hide ignorance or gaps in understanding simply because they are afraid what the other person might think of them thereby creating even more confusion and miscommunication. It is not about money. It is more about the learning style and attitude towards learning - the openness in mindset, a desire to grow, and a will to eviolve. . Generating Business for others and Paying for Services availed from others is definitely something that Mokusei DOES NOT MIND at all. All we would like to see is vendors, service providers, and investors who actually understand & know what they are talking about. On the contrary, Mokusei believes in deep and strong relationships for as long as possible. So we really like to understand and get to know partners and associates as much as possible first if that can be done without any inconvenience to one another.
____________________ . . "It is not about WHAT you think, sweetie, as much as it is about HOW you think it"
- Shashi Bee


So, how does one reach out to Mokusei for exploring partnerships and collaborations?

Just write an email to


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