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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

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Operation Integrity

Mokusei Intelligence invites Journalists, Reporters, full-time Educators or Teachers (whether retired or currently working), Members of the Press, undergrad & graduate students, and Members of Media Houses from all over the world to 'Review' its first Pilot Program and vallued.ai.


The 'who', 'what', 'how', 'why', 'when', 'where' of Reviews and Reviewers!

What does a 'Reviewer' do?

Explore the vallued.ai website to know and understand what vallued.ai and Mokusei are all about. Proactively reach out to Mokusei for getting questions, queries, doubts cleared if any. Publish FACT-based and DATA-backed reviews of vallued.ai -- either in text, audio, video, or a combination of any of these formats -- with personal opinion and analysis of the reviewer coming in the last paragraph or section of the review. . The review engagement does not end here. 'Reviewers' can do as many reviews as they like or want -- but are expected to publish a minimum of 5 reviews -- with at least 1 review done & published AFTER the first BETA Test gets conducted and concluded in August 2021. . These reviews are not be restricted to the vallued.ai website but should be about the vallued.ai app as well scheduled for launch in July later this year. Some reviews can be about the entire process, the team, the founder, even - obviously, within the relevant context of vallued.ai and Mokusei Intelligence. . Thus, in short --- reviews could be about whatever relevant topics the 'Reviewer' chooses to focus on. .

Any restrictions, specificities, or conditions around the Review?

Reviews can be in any language of the Reviewers choosing -- Mokusei will use Google Translate or similar Digital Tools to understand and evaluate the Review. Reviews will be evaluated on the basis of verifiable facts and data contained in the review, and the maximum possible discernable reach or impact of the published review in terms of reader or follower engagement, on the day and date the review gets evaluated. . Applicants interested in becoming Reviewers can use one of the special tracking URL sites like bitly.com, tinyurl.com, ow.ly or some similar tool for independent and unbiased impact measurement of their published reviews. We would highly recommend it, in fact. How to leverage or exploit these tools for monitoring & measuring impact of reviews is up to the 'Reviewers' . Mokusei is not into the unethical practice of bribing or offering goodies to Reviewers for a positive review or opinion piece. Mokusei would like the reviews to be honest. And we wish to see the Reviewers keep their dignity, integrity intact. Mokusei will thus never tell, direct, or ask the reviewer what aspects to cover and write/speak about. Criticism and skepticism are just as welcome as long as it is honest, fact-based, data-backed, and well researched with proper due diligence done by the reviewer. . ____________________ .

Who can become a 'Reviewer' for Mokusei?

Journalists, Reporters, Members of a Media House, Members of the Press, Members of the TFAll Staff, any member of the TFAll Network Partner Staff, any TFAll Network Partner Fellows or Alumni, Students, full-time Teachers or Educators (whether retired or currently working) are eligible to become a Reviewer. . Nationality, language, race, age, gender, qualification, political leaning, etc are no bar. In fact, the more diversity, the better for Mokusei. This is a part-time, remote assignment and not a full-time role. It can be done from any part of the world if the interested reviewer has the time, motivation, interest, and inclination to do it. . While a Reviewer may review and publish reviews at their own pace and according to the convenience of their own time .. Mokusei simply requests them to let the Mokusei Team know thier intent and interest in becoming a Reviewer by sending an email to mokusei@vallued.ai with the Subject line "Interest in Becoming a Mokusei Reviewer". .

What is the minimum requirement regarding the Review Publication?

The Reviewer will take onus and responsibility of getting their review published on their own. The audience base, reader base, or followers must be at least 2500 members strong. Reviewers must publish these Reviews on their own social media profiles, websites, platforms, or accounts. . Some excellent potential 'Reviewers', we understand, might not have a good social media presence or fan base. Reviewers who do NOT have a 2500 member strong follower, reader, or audience base can get the reviews published on a third-party account/website/platform if they have friends, networks, contacts who can help them out with it. It is entirely their personal decision and call. . In case Potential 'Reviewers' do not find one single third party with minimum 2500 followers, readers, or audience base who can publish their 'Reviews' -- they are free contact multiple parties, friends, individuals in their network and get an OVERALL or COMBINED reach for minimum 2500 followers, readers, or audience base for studying and measuring the impact of Reviews. The onus of getting reviews arranged, published on multiple accounts or platforms, and getting this publishing effort coordinated will lie on the 'Reviewer' in this case. . Once the Review is published, the link to the published Review must be sent to mokusei@vallued.ai so Mokusei can follow the accounts, profiles, or platforms and measure or assess impact. . All published reviews must carry, wherever possible, the hashtags -- #theworldisaschool #mokusei #aivallued #valluedai #mokuseiintelligence #valluedreview #mokuseireview #operationintegrity for better tracking, monitoring, and evaluation. .

What is the compensation offered to Reviewers for their Review?

The upcoming BETA Test has a component of 'Registration Fee' attached to it. This Registration fee is tied to the amount of funding that a BETA Tester seeks from Mokusei. The more the amount of funding a Tester seeks, the higher is the applicable Registration Fee. This Registration Fee will be completely waived off for the Reviewers to compensate them for their time, effort, energies spent in reviewing vallued.ai and Mokusei. . They can thus take, and appear for, Mokusei's BETA Test with ease - and without having to pay any Registration Fee. The minimum Registration Fee that is applicable right now is 0.2% of the total amount of funding sought by the BETA Tester or 'Fund Seeker'. So, in case somebody wants a funding amount of $100,000 - the minimum applicable standard registration fee is $200. With Registration Fee waived off, Reviewers will not have to think about keeping a limit to the amount of fund that they seek from Mokusei when they take the BETA Test as BETA Testers -- they can freely make mention of the amount of funding they really seek, want, or need and be eligible to claim the funds fairly and squarely depending on their score & rank on the BETA Test. . Details on Registration Fee, Funding process, Revenue generation, etc can be found on 'Funds-and-Revenue' page. Reviewers who would prefer direct monetary compensation -- as opposed to unpaid Registration for the BETA Test for an opportunity to secure funding for their education or travel -- can opt for a fixed compensation for the time & efforts they put into their 'Reviews'. The compensation, in this case, is fixed and pegged at $100 for every 5 reviews that the reviewer creates and publishes on accounts or platforms where 2,500 other users, audiences, or followers, at least, follow & engage with the review and story. This minimum number of​ user reach is needed for studying and analyzing the impact of reviews at a statistically significant level. . Reviewers who opt for this mode of direct monetary compensation will get it ONLY after their FINAL Review has been submitted to Mokusei for official records & impact analysis. Reviewers who opt for this mode of compensation WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE for unpaid Registration for the BETA Test. . An earlier Press Release issued reserved the Registration Fee Waiver only for reviewers who were in sync with Mokusei's thoughts, and who appreciated the idea/concept behind vallued.ai. Inherently, this was an exclusionary approach, we realized. The idea behind this approach was to ensure that no person who was intentionally set to malign and tarnish the process out of malice and mal intentions should end up getting rewarded by the system. But on the flip side, it penalized honest authentic wellwishers who provide feedback even if critical. It was clear that a better, more robust, and just system was needed to be put in place. Hence the guidelines and processes that you see as proposed and mentioned on this page. . Keeping in mind the ethos of fairness and democracy, however, Mokusei has decided to revise and expand this policy to welcome and accommodate even more diversity and variety of thought. Mokusei has decided to waive off BETA Test registration fees for all reviewers who publish reviews according to the guidelines mentioned above even if the reviews are scathing or critical of vallued.ai/Mokusei. . Mokusei will keep evolving as it leaps into the future. And there will always be a need for independent 'Reviews'. We urge interested parties to look at this opportunity keeping in mind the long game and long-term engagement in mind. If you get shortlisted as a 'Reviewer' right now, you will always be one of our reviewers - and always be entitled to getting BETA Test Registration Fees waived off as long as you keep reviewing us, and whenever you decide to take the BETA Test yourself. .

What process should one follow to become a 'Reviewer' for Mokusei?

Simple, really. Just send a blank or empty email to mokusei@vallued.ai with 'Interested Reviewer' as the subject line. Compose your Review at your own pace and get it published as mentioned in the guidelines above. Send a link to your published review on this same email thread as mentioned here so we (both you and Mokusei) can keep track of it -- and Mokusei will also publish your review or link on the www.vallued.ai website plus social media profiles to give you and your reviews the maximum possible exposure and showcase-reach so you can independently build your own brand as an 'EdTech Product Reviewer'. . Even if you send an email interest right now, and change your mind later about reviewing vallued.ai and Mokusei, no harm done. You are absolutely free to do that. So we urge you to indicate your interest anyway even if you might just be toying with the idea right now. . Moreover, if you refer vallued.ai and Mokusei to at least 5 other journalists or reporters who belong to nationality and citizenship other than yours, and if they publish 'Reviews' about Mokusei as well as per the guidelines mentioned above and in the manner as prescribed above, your spot as a Mokusei Reviewer is guaranteed irrespective of how strong or weak your reviews might turn out to be when compared to reviews published by other candidates vying for the role of 'Reviewer' . All you need to do is let us know in advance in your email who are the journalists, reporters, students, educators, or members of the free press that you are planning to reach out to and refer vallued.ai/Mokusei to. This way we will have a verifiable record for all the effort and hard work you undertake - and you will not have to worry about proving to us later that you, indeed, were the one who introduced or referred Mokusei and vallued.ai to those other journalists, reporters, students, members of media & free press, etc. Would be even more welcome if you can share a link to their sample work or previous work in your email for our reference. .

How will I find out whether I have been shortlisted as a Mokusei 'Reviewer' or not?

Mokusei​ will evaluate your published review as per the guidelines and criteria mentioned above. We typically wait for a period of 15 days from the date of receiving the link to the review to observe & analyze the impact of that review. And within 3 weeks (or 21 days) of receiving your review link, Mokusei will let you know whether you have been shortlisted as a Reviewer or not. . Even if you do not get shortlisted as a Reviewer, but you choose to continue to publish reviews about vallued.ai and Mokusei and send across your published review or a link to your published review to mokusei@vallued.ai nevertheless, Mokusei will share the link and review on the www.vallued.ai website - and across all of Mokusei's social media profiles. . This benefits you in the sense that you get a chance to build your own brand as a leading "EdTech Product Reviewer", and it keeps you in contention & running for any similar such operations or undertakings that Mokusei carries out in the future for its other upcoming products and services. .

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