__ Right Here, Right Now  - by Fatboy Slim __



PS - Openings and Project Collaborations are open to individuals and entities from ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Mokusei LOVES and THRIVES on diversity, in fact. The Tribe is committed to ensuring at least 50% of the workforce be females.
Mokusei welcomes souls of all races, ethnicities, religions, languages, nationalities, and so on to the tribe.



a) Project 'Mudrost'
[The very reason for the birth and existence of vallued.ai]

b) Project 'CannDid'
[Connecting. People. Over. Tea, Coffee, & Cannabis. For. Peace]


The Other 7 Projects:

To be revealed and unveiled eventually in time.

Projects -- 'Juris''Satyaverus'; 'Sushaasan'; 'Asclepius'; 'Binadamu'; 'Jishu'; 'Ibn Battuta'

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Immediate Openings

a) Head of Technology a.k.a. "HoT"

b) App Development Experts or Interns
[Especially those interested in Firebase, Node JS, or Flutter]

c) UX/UI Experts or Designers 
[Interns and Freelancers are most welcome]

d) Project Leads & In-charges
[akin to 'Product Manager' role]

e) Head Of Fundraising & Finance a.k.a. "HOFF"


Don't have experience suited for openings/roles above but want to build/gain it?
No worries! .. Feel free to apply anyway .. we love adventurous souls who want to learn & grow with us.

[Mokusei believes in a Tribe culture more than specific tags/titles .. We are open to part--time, freelance, contract, active consulting, internship roles, or partnerships wherever full--time engagement is not possible -- all one needs to do is ASK

'It is usually our own imagination that truly limits us' - remember.



Interested in joining the Mokusei Tribe but don't see openings where you might fit?

No worries! .. Just follow the "Application Process" and SUGGEST a NEW ROLE in line with your interest that will benefit Mokusei.

[PS - If you are currently a student, we recommend that you opt for the internship option because Education takes precedence]