5th planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our solar system. Named after the Roman god, Jupiter, this gas giant is famously known for its Great Red Spot – a persistent anticyclonic storm larger than Earth itself!

So beautiful are the colors and stripes of
Jupiter glowing in orange and red and brown and ochre and yellow and blue, that they look like a wooden forest on fire! Thus the Japanese name of ‘Mokusei’ or the ‘wood star’

Jupiter (木星 or 'Mokusei')


How is Mokusei relevant for Partners and Collaborators right now?

Mokusei Intelligence is looking for BETA Testers to join the Mokusei Tribe and help with testing.

Partners or Collaborators can either be individuals or legally established organizations & entities.


 'The only thing that really limits us, and holds us back more often than not, is our imagination'


Some basic info


Find links to pages that give basic information about some members of the Mokusei Tribe and Team .. [this info keeps getting updated as Tribespeople join and take breaks]

Read about some absolutely
essential info meant for partners, collaborators, funders, investors, banks, VCs, and so on.

Get basic insights into Mokusei's plans to disburse or distribute funding through

Check out
why Jupiter is such an inspiration for us -- and the story behind the name ''

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Dear Potential Funders & Investors

Mokusei Intelligence is an officially recognized Startup by the Government of India.

Mokusei is eligible for TAX exemptions and multiple other benefits. This is especially suited for Angel Investors.
Please feel free to reach out in case you are interested and wish to explore investment opportunities.


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