Welcome to the BETA version of

We are a brand new startup and wish to grow as we learn because we aim to learn as we grow. In case you encounter or notice any snags, bugs, glitches or flaws, please do share with us your thoughts, words of wisdom and/or feedback. The Mokusei team sincerely appreciates your gesture and patience.

The purpose of this limited web presence of ours is to spread the word of Mokusei's birth and existence to search for some of the most curious, fun-loving, experimental, open-minded, life long students and learners who either seek funding for their education or seek to recover the funds they have already invested in their education.

Mokusei is launching a Pilot Experiment inviting applicants to participate in the first-ever BETA Test on its flagship platform: vallued.ai. The BETA Test is scheduled to take place in August 2021. Users who register for the BETA Test will get exclusive recognition as BETA Testers by the Mokusei tribe. We seek from among you those souls who think there is merit and value in what Mokusei is working towards - and who would love to become a part of the Mokusei story as BETA Testers.

What is in it for users who register for the BETA Test? - Depending on their score and rank in the test, users (a.k.a. the BETA Testers) can receive up to 100% funding to cover their education fees.

How To Start A Movement  - by Derek Sivers

Can You Really Tell If A Kid Is Lying  - by Kang Lee

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