Some Important and Thought Provoking Questions

1) Are the Mokusei strategy & plan really sound? -- Is Mokusei sure this is the route and path to be taken?

Frankly, we have NO idea how this Mokusei Pilot Project & Experiment will turn out to be -- whether a success or a failure. Preliminary data indicates that things are looking up and positive even if not overly-spectacular or 'earth-shattering'. . Every first attempt in history -- every first step that is taken to begin a new journey -- brings with it a fair share of risk, unpredictability, and uncertainty. We expect most visitors or users to join the Mokusei bandwagon as we grow more. .

3) How does Mokusei plan to generate revenue for funding entrepreneurship, education, or travel of qualifying BETA Testers?

In the short term, Mokusei expects initial revenue to be generated from nominal Test Registration Fees that users will be charged while registering for the BETA Test -- so the higher the number of users who register for the BETA Test, the bigger the Funding Pool gets and the more everyone benefits. In addition, there is a possibility of advanced licensing fees that Mokusei might generate if it decides to conduct pilots with education institutes and/or leases out its expertise to them. To this funding pool, we also intend to add revenue that will be generated by the company through potential grants, or InceptAd Revenue Generation, subject to all plans and strategies working out. . Details on the Applicable Standard Registration Fee are in the infographic on this page, and details on choice of Registration Options will be rolled out in the app later. Visitors interested in knowing more details will need to do a FREE Sign Up on the app and become vallued.ai users. Users unable to pay the applicable Registration Fee to register for the BETA Test can opt for the option that lets them earn a Registration Fee Waiver or they can choose NOT to register for the BETA Test. . In the long term, Mokusei expects to generate revenue from a novel unique InceptAd Revenue Model, by licensing or leasing out its dedicated anti-cheating Test & Assessment app. In addition, Mokusei expects some key EdTech industry partnerships and tie-ups with Universities to fall in place for product share and course share benefits which will be rolled out to the BETA Testers exclusively. . Plans are afoot to get Mokusei's 'CannDid' project up and running. Mokusei expects a good amount of revenue to be generated from these projects as well. Details of these projects have not been made public as yet since they still under development. Visitors can get a basic idea about these projects from the "Openings-and-Projects" Page -- or simply reach out to the Mokusei team and we will give you a brief or discuss it with you over a catch-up call. .

4) Are all users assured & guaranteed 100% funding support or reimbursement?

Mokusei has always made it transparently clear that qualified users will get up to 100% funding support or reimbursement and not necessarily a guaranteed 100%. Thus, the amount received by a user may reach 100% of their requirement depending on the score and rank of the user as achieved in the BETA Test. Thus, users can get LESS than the amount of funding that they seek. But whatever funding they request for is the MAXIMUM that they can get. . However, Mokusei is offering BETA Testers the chance to take as many Tests on the platform as they wish to whenever the Tests happen -- and until they have received the entire 100% amount that they sought originally in the first place. So please do not worry if you do not get the full 100% of funding that you seek in one BETA Test. You can always take the BETA Test once again whenever they happen. . Not all users will qualify for receiving funding support or reimbursement. Users will have to clear a minimum benchmark score to be eligible to receive funding support. This mechanism ensures that some users might try to cheat on the BETA Test thereby generating even more robust and relevant data for Mokusei engines. .

5) Well, if Mokusei is charging a registration fee and offering money in return depending on score and rank, how is this system different from any other ttraditional models?

To eye apparent -- the process is very similar to any other normal 'scholarship' test to the point where Mokusei accepts a Registration fee to conduct an exam and then distributes some money based on the score and rank of the user or applicant. BUT THIS IS WHERE THE SIMILARITY ENDS and the real difference begins or stands out. . Unlike traditional 'scholarship tests & exams', seeking talent and awarding a small amount of money IS NOT Mokusei's main goal. Mokusei's main goal, on the other hand, is to gather quality, reliable data from users for the purposes of algorithm & software development. The offer of money or funding to users for covering the cost of their education fees or travel expenses is a byproduct of the system, or INCIDENTAL to the plot so to speak. Mokusei hasn't been established for the purposes of distributing funds. It just chooses to do so because it is ethical and believes in free, fair & equal education -- and there is hardly any offer or incentive as direct & beneficial as that of direct money. So Mokusei hopes that this incentive will help attract good BETA Testers and help Mokusei collect quality data. . Incidentally, the incentive of direct funding aid support is so strong that Mokusei expects & predicts a large number of users will probably try to cheat the system to qualify for Mokusei's funding. This means that the Mokusei system and software will really be tested thoroughly and properly -- exactly the kind of field test and test of robustness that Mokusei wishes and aims for. Time, I guess, will tell the diamond from the fake crystals. . For 'scholarship' tests and exams, the pupils or students are 'consumers' whereas the users in vallued.ai and Mokusei's case are the data generators or 'raw materials' that help educators, teachers, universities, colleges, schools, and so on - Mokusei's 'consumers' - in the long run. And vallued.ai is a system where the 'raw materials' benefit from the system because they get a chance to receive funding and money, and they get amazing benefits from Mokusei in the future -- [sneak peek of benefits can be seen on the Subscribe Page] . Also, standard scholarship exams have a restricted amount of money that they give out as an 'award' --- Mokusei on the other hand has no such restrictions, and users can get up to 100 % of the funding that they seek depending on their score, rank & the total revenue earned by the Company during each Testing phase. If you haven't yet noticed, we have always consistently messaged that you can get up to 100 % funding -- NOT guaranteed 100 % .. so the funding could be as little as ZERO if no revenue streams in -- don't panic, though -- this is the 'worst-case scenario' . Mokusei plans and aims to set aside 50 % of the Company revenue for covering education fees of qualified users -- so it does indeed matter how much revenue the company generates. Since we are a startup, the revenues will most likely NOT be high in the first couple of years. Hence, the special benefits and status to users who become BETA Testers right at the very beginning of it all, and keep faith in us. Details of what type of benefits the first batch of BETA Testers are set to get can be found in the infographic images on the Subscribe Page] . What if users are NOT able to earn, claim, or qualify for 100 % guaranteed funding support or reimbursement? -- in such cases users can reapply or reappear for the BETA Test whenever it happens and gets conducted on the vallued.ai platform the next time around .. they can keep appearing for the Tests until they have recovered the full 100 % amount that they sought in the first place .. so even if you will not be able to secure complete 100 % funding support in one go -- you have the freedom to reapply and keep applying until you have recovered all the money .. [and believe me, we do intend to continue the practice of gathering user aided & provided data even in the future if this Pilot Experiment turns out to be a success] . Endowment funds, Scholarship Trusts, Financial Aid Banks/Institutions/Companies condition their support on minimum qualifications of the candidates in the exams they write at their previous or current institutes of education. Typically, such bodies offer their money & support ONLY if the applicant has achieved some minimum grades in their academic course -- and some bodies are so ridiculous that they look at school & highschool grades to offer to fund for "Higher Education"! Moreover, if the applicant fails to attain some basic grades in the courses they study using the funding aid, the funding is typically withdrawn and revoked. . Mokusei doesn't care about these things. Even if you fail your exams in your upcoming education - Mokusei will not revoke the funding that you earned on the platform. Mokusei doesn't look at your academic background and doesn't discriminate between candidates. Every user gets the same chance and opportunity as everybody else in the system. . For entrepreneurs, Mokusei does not seek from them any equity or business plans or pitch decks or financials unlike VCs, Angels, or other investors do. This works in favor of entrepreneurs as they are able to raise whatever funding they can for their startups or organisations. This fueling of dream is how Mokusei chooses to contribute to the society at large and help out those budding business/startup ideas that might otherwise just not end up seeing the light of the day.
. Also, funding bodies conduct interviews, ask for recommendation letters, bank balance and income proof, etc. Mokusei doesn't do all this drama. Besides the funding that Mokusei offers is NOT a loan and there is no expectation of returning the money, unlike some funding bodies where the funding is typically a deferred loan. . In addition to all this, Mokusei is working on diversifying its revenue base & source like experimenting with the 'InceptAd' Revenue model .. visitors can get an idea about what exactly is Mokusei planning from the 'Openings-and-Projects' Page. This is something that 'scholarship' or 'funding bodies' don't do. .

2) Why is Mokusei offering funds for entrepreneurship, education, or travel to users? --- [What is in it for the Company?]

The funding that Mokusei is offering is an incentive for users to try out Mokusei's software and take the BETA Test on the vallued.ai platform. Mokusei needs good, reliable, real-time high-quality exam-time student behavior data to design AI & ML based cheating detection algorithms. These algorithms will be used to develop and implement Mokusei's digital supervision and student insight platform in the future. . Whenever someone will take a test on the vallued.ai platform, Mokusei will collect, gather & analyze relevant data in the background to help Mokusei engines in the development of a mobile-based digital supervision and exam monitoring platform. Mokusei's larger goal is to develop an AI based Digital Proctoring Tool that can not only detect instances of cheating but also provide indights into student learning gaps based on how they cheat in online exams. Where other look at cheating as a menace, for Mokusei cheating is a resource that should be used to identify learning skills of those students. With these insights, parents and educators can support students even better. . Direct funding for education, entrepreneurship, or traveling is one of the best incentives that Mokusei has to offer to those who will appear for tests on the vallued.ai platform and generate data for Mokusei in return. This is a win-win situation for both you and Mokusei .. you get a chance to earn funding that fuels your dream while Mokusei gets some good, quality, reliable and accurate exam-time data to train systems. This, Mokusei believes, is one of the best ways to make deep & lasting impact. . Once fully developed, field-tested, deployed, operational and, scaled-up, Mokusei eventually plans to sell, release, lease or license out its platform to educators worldwide for some small nominal affordable fees. In addition, Mokusei has diversified fundraising & revenue streams planned including (but not limited to) a novel "InceptAd" Revenue Generation Model, select ed-tech partnerships, platform registration fees, and so on. .

6) Who is eligible to receive funding aid for entrepreneurship?

If you are an individual who is a founder or co-founder of a 'For Profit', 'Not for Profit', or 'Non Profit' Organisation/Entity -- you are eligible to apply for funding aid for your oragnisation or entity.
You must be the Founder or Owner with Fulltime employment in the Organisation/Entity. You must own at least 10% shares or equity in case of a 'For Profit' entity.
In case you seek money for Entrepreneurship, the funding aid that you receive will be credited to the official bank account of your organisation or entity. Only if you seek money for education or traveling will the scholarship or funding aid be credited to your personal bank account.

7) Which Organisations or Entities are eligible to receive Funding Aid for Entrepreneurship?

Organisations or entities legally registered & incorporated at the most 36 months BEFORE the date of the BETA Test, or within a maximum of 6 months AFTER the BETA Test, are eligible to receive Funding Aid for Entrepreneurship.
For more details, please read the 'Terms of Use & Service' in the vallued.ai app.

Reg Infographic.png
standard registration fee – 1_edited.jpg

For example:

Let us assume you seek $10,000 in funding .. Thus, X = 10,000.


After installing, and signing up for vallued.ai on the app:

a) If you
Register for the BETA Test in Phase 1 (or 'Registration Window 1') -- the Applicable Standard Registration Fee is 0.2% of X = 0.2% of $10,000 = $20


b) If you Register for the BETA Test in Phase 2 (or 'Registration Window 2') -- the Applicable Standard Registration Fee is 0.5% of X = 0.5% of $10,000 = $50

c) If you Register for the BETA Test in Phase 3 (or 'Registration Window 3') -- the Applicable Standard Registration Fee is 1.0% of X = 1.0% of $10,000 = $100


Of course, if you select the option of earning a Registration Fee Waiver, you will NOT be expected to pay any registration fee -- [other than some simple basic government mandated Minimum Service Tax which would be a token of about $4.20]

[Please note - Goods & Service Tax or Value Added Tax is about 20% otherwise]