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 Love the problems and puzzles that Mokusei is trying to solve? ... Wish to join The Mokusei Tribe? 


_Mokusei would love to hear from you too!_

Dear 'Meat Coated Skeletons Made of Stardust and Atoms' 

First - In case you landed here thinking or wishing Mokusei to be a perfect, most content, most peaceful work-place or Tribe out there then please let us pop some bubbles. We are not. On the contrary, we are just as imperfect and flawed in our own way - we are not ashamed of accepting it, admitting to it - and we learn, grow, evolve every passing moment like the very essence of life as it is meant to be. We believe in accepting our flaws and shortcomings so we can work on them, learn from them, outgrow and outlive them. We strive and try in earnest to do our best and to make it as comfortable and welcoming a tribe as possible for all those who wish to join and tag along on this journey and path that we have chosen for ourselves.

Second - If you are somebody who loves the diversity of thought, the variety in culture, and respect differences in opinion -- If you love to agree to disagree and work towards a shared vision -- then Mokusei is one of those homes where you might feel like you belong.   

Mokusei is quite flexible when it comes to working culture and we try to be as adaptable as possible to accommodate the working styles of tribespeople.

Third - Mokusei has decided - and is committed - to having at least 50% of its Team & Workforce as females. 

Fourth - People will NEVER be expected to work "for" Mokusei in this Universe. We'd love them to work "with" Mokusei.

Listed below are some of the core philosophies of joining the Mokusei Tribe as a 'worker-Bee' tribesperson.


"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul [by Douglas Adams]

1) Check out Possible Working Engagements and Arrangements.

Wherever full-time arrangements & engagements are not possible, there is always an option of part-time engagement, freelance or contract options, active consulting roles. All that we seek are good human beings. Everything else can be managed. And Mokusei's definition of 'goodness' is NOT based on your interaction with us, or our personal and individual perception about you. It is rather based on how you help and interact with the world around you at large - more importantly with those who are at a level or order lower than yours - and especially with those who are at the bottom of the pyramid or food chain in society - the human souls who have had opportunities to work and interact with you most closely. The application process designed is such that it gives us considerable idea about your mindset and approach to life. . Mokusei generally DOES NOT ask for recommendations. But it we do, we would like to get to know about you from the perspective of someone who is supposed to look up to you - and NOT from the perspective of somebody whom you were looking up to. If you are a thorough and careful reader -- you will notice this 'Embedded Question' below which has not been shared on the "Work with Mokusei" Page. . ____________________ . When you send in your application or Cover Letter to Mokusei, please mention: . a) At least TWO favourite people from your life thus far who have been either your educators, mentors, guides, or team leads. Write in maximum 1-2 lines WHY are they your favourites -- what qualities about them made them your favourite. . b) At least TWO individuals who were in your charge, protection, care, who you led in a team, or who reported to you directly. Write in maximum 1-2 lines WHY are they in your mind still -- what qualities of theirs left you impressed & made them memorable. ​. ____________________ . Worry you not. This is not a system designed to judge anybody or point fingers at someone. In fact, if you talk to the Founding "Fool" of this Tribe - he will tell you a lot more stories and anecdotes from his life that helped him figure out what to do when he learnt lessons on "what not to do" from life. This is a system designed to help Mokusei identify souls with Leadership potential - to seek out the inner leader hidden somewhere inside of them so that leader can be nurtured, encouraged, and be given space to grow and thrive. . We prefer not to look at the recommendations and opinions of your seniors or rank superiors whom you were reporting to - or who directly or indirectly managed you - because a majority of humans do absolutely anything to appease and please the 'higher-ups' with the expectation of rewards, or promotions, or 'good references'. How good of a 'YES man/woman' someone makes is immaterial to us. We are more interested in knowing when and how you stood your ground, and how you dealt with circumstances when you had to stand up to power. We want to know what you did when you saw and witnessed injustice happening around you, we ould like to know what you did and what lessons you learned when you realized you were the one who went wrong and made mistakes in life. . In short, we'd like to know about your courage, sense of justice, and the 'vertebral column'. We'd very much like to hear those stories where you happened to cross swords with authorities, seniors, or power. ​. ____________________ . Mokusei genuinely cares more about opinions & recommendations from those whom you were supposed to lead, inspire, guide, or direct. If we are to ever ask you for a reference - this recommendation will be from those people whom you have managed, lead, or supervised. And we'd be absolutely thrilled to reach out to your housemaid, domestic staff, unskilled junior staff, drivers, etc for recommendations if that is okay with you -- the bottom of the societal pyramid who are normally just pushed and brushed aside by the upper echelons or strata of society -- generally ignored, snubbed, or exploited and abused. And Mokusei believes in absolute equality and freedom and open, transparent exchange of information. In that spirit, if you would like to reach out and interact with any of the team members -- ESPECIALLY the interns -- you are most welcome to do. We will share their contact with you (with their permission, of course) and you may independently reach out to them for background checks, stories, etc if you like.
If the candidate is a reliable human being at his/her core - titles, work arrangements, compensation can all be figured out. Those who wish to become a part of the Mokusei Tribe and join as a 'workerBee' must strictly follow the procedure as mentioned on the 'Work-with-Mokusei' page.
. [If someone doesn't - it normally indicates that they either do not understand written instructions properly, or they do but they choose to skirt procedures -- either way, there is to be no special treatment for anybody and some basic rules are to be followed by all] .
[We personally don't see work permit requirements, etc to be an issue .. Mokusei has some good legal counsel available and can probably recommend or advise you on legal arrangements or loopholes even better]
. .​ ____________________ .

2) Freedom to Associate with Multiple Organisations at the Same Time

Mokusei has no qualms or problems even if you are working somewhere else, or be committed to something else, on a full-time basis. ​. [Some in our team have personally juggled multiple assignments and roles as they grew up and evolved in life. So we know for a fact that it can be managed and done properly. As long as you like the role that there is on offer, you think you can manage your time and tasks properly so the team can rely on you and your work without losing sleep, and you think you can do justice to the role -- the Mokusei Tribe welcomes you sincerely]
. ​. ____________________ .

3) No Toxic Culture of Rigid Job Descriptions - and Freedom to Design your own JD

Mokusei does not create formal JDs as such at this early stage. We are quite open in those terms as well. Mokusei only tells applicants what outcome is expected from the role and position. The applicants have the freedom to design and come up with their own JD. Applicants will have mutually agreed upon Key Performance Metrics and Indicators assigned for their role/task after discussion with whoever is the Team Lead in charge of the Team at that point in time. . We think most mature and responsible humans understand the value of their own time, their own efforts and working style better. We love giving that freedom to people because I myself am one of those who seek such free approaches to work and life. ​. If the applicant is unable to design their own JD, we step in and offer guidance or direction. In case any applicant is interested in any role or position -- they may feel free to reach out to Mokusei directly. ​. In case you get bored in some role or seek change, or want to restructure your role, work commitment, and arrangement -- you are most welcome to do so. And you can do it anytime you want upon discussion with your Team Lead after taking a small quiz/test to check suitability for the next role. Your compensation will most likely get adjusted again in case you opt for a different role and position but Mokusei will never say no to change.
. ​. _____________________ .

6) Work from Any Part of the Universe you wish to, and can, work from!

Typically ALL opportunities and openings with Mokusei are "Work-from-Anywhere" roles unless specified otherwise. We live in the age and era of the internet. And it is distinctly ineffective of us if we are not able to manage a team that works across geographies in the day and age of the internet. . Geography and National boundaries, in our opinion, are not something that should hold a good team back. As long as you will be able to work and deliver from wherever you are with reasonable privacy and caution, you are most welcome to try out working with us -- while getting the freedom to roam around and travel at the same time if you wish to. . We all get one life, after all. Go roam around -- see the world. Meet new people and cultures. With a "work-from-anywhere" policy you now have the freedom to do things your way and "work to live" rather than "live to work".
. ​____________________ .

4) Freedom to exercise brain, creativity, and imagination to come up with your own dream job.

In case you love the idea/concept behind vallued.ai and Mokusei but don't see roles or openings where your skill set and work experience would be a good fit -- and you have different or even better ideas about ways in which you can contribute to Mokusei so that both you and the Mokusei Tribe grow alongside each other ----- please feel free to reach out to us .. We love new ideas and we are always up for them .. At bare minimum what we can assure you is that your thoughts and ideas will be heard and considered in full sincerity however outlandish or wild they might seem to be.
If you wish to take this path and approach, though -- you automatically need to understand vallued.ai and Mokusei better otherwise it would become difficult for you to think of areas where you can help and contribute to the Mokusei Tribe which Mokusei might not have thought of already. The onus of making the effort to get to know us lies with you in this case.
Thus, it means visiting the www.vallued.ai website and exploring it properly at length -- feel free to take your own time to just soak it all in .. and let us discuss what you have in mind whenever you feel ready?
[Always remember - All pathbreaking innovations and experiments started as wild and outlandish ideas in somebody's head at some point in time]
. . '_The World is a School_', never forget. .​ ____________________ .

7) NEVER get fired! ​

Once someone joins as a Mokusei Tribesperson -- they become a part of the Mokusei Tribe FOR LIFE. They will not get fired or cut off unless their conduct and actions are criminal by law, and harming others around them -- Or unless they want to quit the Tribe permanently and move on. ​. Whenever someone drags their feet on tasks, misses submission timelines (missing 3 self committed task deadlines, for example), are unable to pay attention to professional duties, and so on -- they simply get benched for a while. For returning back to "Active Duty" they will need to perform tasks as specified and requested by the assigned Team Lead. If all parameters work out well, there is improvement in communication flow & incorporation of feedback, test tasks are performed within proper deadlines & timelines - the Tribe member will be moved back to the "Field" from the "Bench". While on the bench, there will be no compensation that they will be entitled to receive for that period or duration but their basic insurance and health plans sponsored by Mokusei, if any, will continue. Once they complete certain practice exercises and tasks while on the bench as per an assigned Team Lead's request - and under the supervision/direction to the level of satisfaction of these team leads - they move off the bench and back into the field. ​. Team mates who decide to quit instead of taking a break -- the only way for them to return to Mokusei is as a PARTNER who is not on Mokusei payroll. If the team mate decides to take a break instead of quitting completely -- their status will change to "Pemanent Quit" in case the break duration is 3 years or longer. In this case too, if the Team Mate wants to return to work with Mokusei -- the only way they can return is by becoming a Mokusei PARTNER. ​. ____________________ .

8) Dictate your Compensation & Availability for Work

a) Engage 1 - You get to choose what compensation you want and Mokusei will NOT negotiate on it -- in this case, we will assign you tasks and timelines according to organizational priority. You need to be available 15 x 6 (or 18 x 5) as per this option. This does NOT mean you will be spending all the mentioned time doing work. Mokusei believes in the idea of smart work, in fact, if you can figure it all out -- [although hard work is just as sincerely valued & appreciated]. It just means that you need to be available and on standby in case tasks need to be picked up or managed in emergencies. . This option also means that whenever any task gets assigned to you, you must drop everything else and all non-Mokusei related work or tasks of your own to focus on Mokusei related work and tasks on a priority basis. .
[Of course, we are mindful of reasonable working hours unless it is an emergency but prefer to keep all options open anyway]

. . ____________________ . . b) Engage 2 - Get Compensated with TWICE as much as the highest Compensation that you have ever received so far in your career or life. This is an HOURLY compensation based system. . Tell us what was the highest compensation that you ever recieved in terms of an hourly compensation rate. Mokusei will DOUBLE IT and offer you TWICE as much. Mokusei will expect you to be available for work and assignments from Monday to Thursday -- MINIMUM -- for up to 10 hours a day. During these 10 hours you are free to do whatever else you wish to do. But in case any task or work gets assigned to you -- YOU MUST drop whatever else that you are doing and TAKE UP or focus on THE Mokusei assigned task on PRIORITY basis. ​. In case you would like to work more, pitch in more, or contribute more -- you are free to do so. We definitely do not discourage it if spending time working or doing tasks makes you happy.
. If you choose this option, you will need to record your mobile screen or laptop screen session whenever you perform Mokusei tasks and assignments -- save your screen recordings in a Folder on your shared drive or on your device. Whenever it is the time for compensation payouts -- Mokusei will seek access to this data to verify and cross check the number of hours spent working on the task. And Mokusei will compensate you for the time spent & effort made accordingly. The volume of work will vary depending on need and task so there is no fixed compensation in this system as such. ​. [Multiple screenrecorder app and extensions are available online for FREE. In case you cannot find any or you do not come across any, please reach out to Mokusei and Mokusei will help you figure it out] ​. ​. ​____________________ . . c) Engage 3 - No hassle. Simplest explanation. Get the same compensation that you are getting from someone else or from somewhere else right now for a (5 x 8) or (4 x 10) work week. Your reason for joining the Mokusei Tribe will be for a better team, better goals, higher & deeper purpose in life, flexible work conditions, and the absolutely cool option of choosing the form of your compensation (whether equity or monetary component). No hassles of recording your screens and keeping logs or records of work hours you put in. . ____________________ . . d) Engage 4 - You decide your own submission timelines and availability for tasks. You pick up your suited work schedule. In this case, we will decide your compensation which you will NOT have an option to negotiate. This structure is also an hourly compensation based model where you will need to record and save your screen sessions or keep log of activities that cannot be recorded digitally. . [Of course, this compensation will never be less than 50% of the hourly compensation drawn by you from someone else at that point in time but never more than 150% of the latest hourly compensation that you are (or were) receiving at that point in time from your previous employer/client] ​. The compensation system here is dymanic. Mokusei will assign you the task and tell you what the expected outcome or deliverable is. You give Mokusei the timeline and deadline for submitting the deliverable. If needed, the Team Lead will make a request for an early completion of task. . If you submit the deliverable within the timeline communicated to you by Mokusei or your Team Lead -- your compensation would be 150% of the the houlry compensation by your previous employer/client. If you stick to your self communicated & self declared deadline/timeline -- compensation would be the same as the houlry compensation by your previous employer/client. If there are delays in submission of deliverables according to your self communicated timeline -- compensation would be 50% of the houlry compensation by your previous employer/client . . If you do not find the compensation offered agreeable or suitable, you always have the freedom to turn down the offer to join. Likewise, if you pick up Option 1 - and quote a compensation that might be too high for Mokusei to afford right now - we will not negotiate on compensation with you like we promised and defer your joining/engagement until we can actually afford the compensation you seek. ​. [Of course, you are free to quote a different figure in case that happens and you really want to join right away anyway. But the applicable condition of submission timelines and your availability will remain the same. If Mokusei cannot afford the compensation you seek even then, Mokusei will definitely reach out to you again at a future date when pockets are deep enough to afford your time, services, and effort in that case] ​. ​. ____________________ ​. e) Engage 5 - Got a better suggestion, thought, or idea that ensures integrity and fairness for BOTH sides? .. Feel free to share and propose .. Mokusei cannot promise guaranteed acceptance of the arrangement you propose but be assured that your thoughts and ideas will be given absolute serious consideration. In fact, if they are much better than those proposed above right now, we would love to offer that arrangement and setting to all others in the Tribe in case they would love to opt for it as well. . ​. ​____________________ ​.

9) Choose the Form of your Compensation -- whether monetary, equity, or a combination of both.

Mokusei has a culture of sharing, growing, learning, and evolving TOGETHER as a team and tribe. We typically have three (3) compensation options that applicants can choose from:​ . . Comp a) FULL Monetary Compensation - you get compensated in monetary terms at the end of each month.​ . Comp b) 50-50 Compensation Combo -- 50% Compensation in monetary terms at the end of each month, plus 50% in the form of shares/equity which will be awarded to you AFTER your assigned project is complete to the satisfaction of your Team Lead. . Comp ​c) FULL Equity Compensation -- which will be awarded to you AFTER your work stint with Mokusei finishes or gets over. . . How much equity will the teammate get? - suppose the teammate has accrued amount 'X' as compensation due over the duration of his/her entire project or association, he/she will get equity worth 'X' at the time of award of that equity according to the most recent valuation of the Company on that particular given day.​ . . ____________________ .

5) Become a TEAM LEAD -- Guaranteed!

One of Mokusei's aim and purposes is to CREATE Good Leaders and Mentors so they can spread the flames of happiness, wisdom, and enlightenment. . Mokusei is experimenting with ROTATING Team Leads. The entire Team can get togerther and decide the term and duration any Team Mate will function as Team Lead in a completely democratic manner with a structured debate, voting, and secret ballots. . The Team Lead position will keep rotating. You will get a GUARANTEED chance to become Team Lead and leave your on mark and signature as a leader! . No Leader is a GOOD Leader if the Leader Does Not First Learn How to Follow! This exercise will also help Mokusei Team Mates and Tribespeople to develop and grow as humans -- to not only learn how to lead but also learn how to follow! . How to best help each other FROM WHATEVER POSITION ons is in is one of the biggest lessons and takeaways one can carry forth in life. . Have reservations and hesitation in becoming a Team Lead? -- No Worries at all! .. Everybody has the freedom to SAY "NO" to becoming a "Team Lead" if you choose and wish NOT to become one. Just step back and let someone else take charge in case you are not interested or you do not feel ready.​ . One does not need to be a Team Lead, Mokusei believes, to LEAD a team. Leadership is also about what you do and how dedicatedly you do what you do from whichever role that you play in the team. How you help others when they need help, and how do you support or aid your Team Lead when need be also highlights the leader inside of you. . "A Leader without a Title is better than a Title without the ability to Lead." . . ____________________ .