Incorporated on 17 February 2021, Mokusei Intelligence (‘MI’ or simply ‘Mokusei’) is a 21st Century Digital Age EdTech & Social Enterprise. 


Mokusei is focused on developing AI/ML based algorithms and internet solutions aimed to address some of the most pressing social challenges. 


Some of these challenges are in the areas of education, legal aid, independent journalism, socio-cultural dynamics, political reform among others.


So what is is Mokusei's FIRST DIGITAL PRODUCT focused on addressing the challenge of education inequity. is a modern digital age "Scholarship and Funding Aid" App where YOU can get money for education or traveling. This funding is NOT a loan and does NOT have to be returned.

This quirky app aims to Identify Learning Gaps in Students from the way students Cheat in Online Exams.

[ is a lot more, actually. If you want to deep dive -- keep exploring]

Jupiter (木星 or 'Mokusei')


Why Mokusei?

Inspired by the aura, symbolism, character, vision mindset, gravity, majesty, intellect, enormity, wisdom, and importance of Jupiter we took upon ourselves the name of Mokusei Intelligence. Like Guru, Mokusei seeks to nurture souls who seek knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. Like a guru, Mokusei has an inner calling to encourage, value, and promote the pursuit of knowledge among masses by actively funding education and using cutting edge digital technology tools to gain fundamental insights into student behavior during assessments/tests/exams --- the ultimate battlefield and warfare arena for developing minds.


Hence "vallued" for the 'value' that Mokusei wishes to add to the lives of souls who seek the peace and tranquility of EDucation, knowledge, and wisdom. And ".ai" because we wish to leverage Artificial Intelligence for enhancing and developing systems or technologies that are even better in the future - and as a constant reminder that there is always somebody out there who is far more intelligent than humans, and whom we all will inevitably meet someday in the future even if in the form of our own creations and designs.

Mokusei wishes to promote and foster a culture - a tradition - of developing human bonds that build networks, connections, and alliances. By choosing to fund travel, Mokusei wants to give freedom to those vagabonds and enlightenment-seeking souls to roam around as far and wide as they can - get to see new cultures, people, traditions, origins, and the rich historical heritage of entire humanity (not just one class or group of people). Where some people believe in 'doing-things-by-the-book', we aspire & lean towards the category of being 'someone-who-writes-that-very-book'

Apart from Education & Travel, Mokusei also plans to set its eye on some of the most complex and core societal issues including legal aid and justice dispensation. Stay tuned and follow us for more. [Frankly, even we don't know for sure how far & how long will this journey of Mokusei Intelligence last -- and we dislike putting a limit or box around what we do - or set out to do .. so the best way to really get to know us is to become a fellow traveler on this journey, and give us a chance to get to know you too]


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Who can register to become a Mokusei BETA Tester?

Literally, any adult human being who seeks funding aid for their upcoming education, or who seeks to get a reimbursement of fees paid for ongoing or past education, or who wants funding to go traveling & backpacking is eligible to become a BETA Tester as long as they think they have the basic knowledge & skills needed to take and clear the BETA Test.


Age no bar .. Race no bar .. Nationality no bar .. Gender no bar .. Religion no bar .. Qualifications no bar

Anybody and Everybody who wants to try it out -- who thinks they can take a shot at it -- is most welcome!

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