Jupiter (木星 or 'Mokusei')


Incorporated in Bengaluru, India - Mokusei Intelligence (‘MI’ or simply ‘Mokusei’) is an EdTech & Social Enterprise. 

Like people invest in assets and financial instruments, Mokusei envisions a utopian world where people invest in people to build a better tomorrow and brighter future.

Mokusei aims to kickstart a sustained revolution in society by encouraging the concept and thought of 'Human Investment' which leverages the Social Capital that humans are born with.  

We believe, that the best way to 'invest' into somebody is by sponsoring and supporting their education. The best way to 'invest' in somebody is to give them the gift of knowledge & learning so no one can ever take it away from them.


So what is vallued.ai?

vallued.ai is Mokusei's first digital product focused on addressing the challenge of education & economic inequity. 

Mokusei is on a mission to democratize education funding. We are working to build a dedicated one-of-a-kind Crowdsourced Education Funding Platform where 'people invest in people'. 

On this platform, students will be able to raise debt/mortgage free funding for their education from 'Social Investors' (or Donors)  who choose to invest in them for tangible future returns (either monetary or social).


Who will this platform ideally be useful for?

vallued.ai will ideally be suited for:

a) Students who want to study with dignity and not depend on anyone's charity, donation, alms, kindness, or social obligation to fund/support their education.

b) Students who want to
fund their education independently by officially/formally promising/pledging a part of their future income/asset to their parents rather than burden them or depend on them to support their own education.

c) Students who want to crowdsource and 
raise debt-free or mortgage-free funding for their upcoming education.

d) Students who want to crowdsource and raise debt-free or mortgage-free funding to pay for their ongoing education.

e) Individuals who want to crowdsource and raise funding to pre-close their current education loan to escape the stress & pressures of EMIs/Mortgage.

f) Individuals who want to selflessly donate some money for someone's education without the expectation of any returns in exchange.

g) Individuals willing to offer some money to students seeking to raise debt-free/mortgage-free funding for their education in the hope & expectation of tangible future returns as promised by those students.

This offering will be akin to 'investments' that might carry risks but can give the 'Social Investor' high returns in the future. This offering is not a loan. 


"Understanding is deeper than information. There are many people that know you but there's a few who understand you." - Bruce Lee


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