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Dream about a first-class learning experience, but lack resources?

Have wanderlust & a vagabond soul but no money to travel?  

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Seek financial aid for studies but no one ready to offer funds?

Get up to 100% reimbursement of funds you invested in your on-going or past education!



In A Nutshell

Learn without worrying about funding if you plan to study more!


Recover funds invested in your on-going or past education whatever the year of graduation  

(Be it 6 months ago or 60 years ago, even! .. it really doesn't matter)

Travel the world to see its beauty, people & culture if you want to satisfy that wanderlust!

Too good to be true, you think? - Well, that is exactly what is all about!

Welcome to the BETA version of

Since this is a BETA version of the website, there are a few imperfections and experiments in our presentations and design. In case you find some loose nuts & bolts on this website, please do share with us your observations, thoughts, opinions, wisdom, and feedback - Mokusei Intelligence is a brand new entity and we endeavor to grow as we learn for we aim to learn as we grow.

The app is currently under development. The purpose of this website is to offer a sneak peek to users interested in securing education funding so they can share contact details with Mokusei. The Mokusei team will keep them informed about the launch of the app slated for a May 2021 debut. 

Users will be able to register for the BETA Test on the app -- The Test is scheduled for August 2021.

[PS - Images on this website are best viewed on a desktop/laptop browser. The team is currently working on image scaleups on mobile browsers]  

By the way, what's up with so many colors, shades, font sizes, and highlights?


a) Primarily, the idea is to emulate the multiple hues and colors like the composition of Jupiter - as a symbolic artistic ode and tribute.

b) Secondarily, and more importantly, it is an active experiment in motion and works. For those of you who have the patience, curiosity, and time to actually want to get to know about this intentional design arrangement, feel free to connect with the Mokusei Team and interact with the "Cheat Monkey Officer" whose this seemingly odd and seemingly silly experiment really is. Considering the geek that he is, we are pretty confident he would most probably enjoy the interaction, brainstorming, and discussion just as much. 

c) Tertiarily, and more honestly, the color & design sense of the "CMO" is pretty weird and abrupt -- it could be because of the missing "art" gene in him -- we don't know for sure. You could try engaging with him on this and find out for yourself.

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Sign-up for Mokusei’s BETA Test on the app when it launches in May 2021

Let Mokusei collect critical, real-time exam data to develop AI & ML capabilities - claim up to 100% education funding depending on score and rank!

Excited about the idea and want to know more? Fill the BETA Tester Subscription form (a.k.a. the 'Fund Seekers' Form) so we can keep you in the Loop. Stay updated and notified about the launch of


 Images of Sample UI Screens Below   


PS - Seen below is just a Sample UI screenshot. The number of 'hours' depicted is just an example.

For details on the Registration Fee Model, please click on the "Funds Disbursal" button on this page above.


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